Prayer Requests

Please keep  our member, JEAN B. in your prayers, especially on Friday, July 13th. She is scheduled for surgery (3 to 8 hours), and urgently needs our prayers.

Linda Ann, NY - July 10, 2018

Please pray for Region One President, Kathy K.  She is having knee surgery on Wednesday, July 11. Please pray that everything goes well.

Faith, Massachusetts - July 10, 2018

Prayers for healing for Jim M.  Jim is the husband of Debra chapter 104, St. Rose of Lima Chapter, Swansea, MA, and he is in critical condition at a medical center in Boston.

Faith, Massachusetts - July 10, 2018

Prayers requested for Lori who has pancreatic cancer.

Evelyn, PA - July 10, 2018

Prayers requested for Marie M.  She lost a baby a few months ago at 21 weeks and is struggling with her grief.

Eleanor , VA - July 10, 2018

Prayers requested for Robert W.  Currently in ICU with some bleeding from the liver.  The doctors think they’ve been able to resolve the problem.

Marita, NJ - July 10, 2018

Asking your prayers for my health issues and healing.  God is in control and it will all turn out for the good.

Ellen, MA - July 5, 2018

We received tragic news from my grandson’s school in NC.  One of the student travel groups (10 upper school students and 2 faculty chaperones) was involved in a serious traffic accident on Sunday while in Buenos Aires.  Several of the students and their faculty were injured.  Please pray for my grandson’s friends that they return home quickly and safely.  One student has died and another is in a coma.

Donna, VA - July 5, 2018

Prayers please for a young dad (Greg) I know who had a stroke yesterday and is in critical condition.  He has 3 children (ages 6-14).  Please pray for him and his family.

Donna, VA - July 5, 2018

Please pray for 1 of our members, Lisa H.  Lisa has been quite ill and recently had hernia surgery.  Lisa started our chapter here.

Alexandra, PA - July 5, 2018

Please pray for Jame L, a cousin of one of out members, who dies recently losing his battle with melanoma.

Alexandra, PA - July 5, 2018

Please pray for 15 yr old Nathaniel who has cancer (a member’s son).  After much treatment he was in remission. A recent biopsy has indicated that his cancer has returned.  The road ahead is very uncertain but will include radiation, probably surgery and more aggressive chemotherapy.  Also, please pray for this member’s father-in-law who fell, broke his hip, and required surgery.  The family is struggling.  Pray that God overwhelms them with hope and perseverance.

Marianne, VA - July 4, 2018

One of the members of our chapter, Jeff , had surgery –the doctors believe he could have Melanoma. Jeff just made his Final Promise on May 10, 2018. Please keep him in your prayers.

Richard, NY - July 4, 2018

Please pray for my father, Steve. He had a medical emergency while driving from Dallas which put him in a hospital outside of Nashville. He’s home now, but I ask for prayers for his good health.

Lori, VA - July 4, 2018

Please pray for Phil D. He suffered a brain injury after a fall and speech was affected.

Liz, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for a mom “G” whose apparently perfectly healthy baby died in utero at 39 weeks and 3 days, prior to onset of labor. This is her second stillbirth. She has one living child. Thank you.

Pamela, VA - July 4, 2018

Please Pray for Josh.  He is a 21 yr old & addicted to heroin, crystal meth — you name it. Josh is killing himself, and it is killing his parents and family. Josh was very close to his grandfather who died five years ago. I can’t help thinking there is great emptiness in him. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Gerry, PA - July 4, 2018

Please  pray for Ditas, a friend’s daughter, who is suffering from vertebral artery dissection. She is now confined at the Neuro ICU being closely monitored from what started as persistent headache. Support system is low as her husband has to take care of their two young children; no one is with Ditas. Please pray for effective treatment and quick recovery.

Nora, PA - July 4, 2018

Prayers requested for my son, Anthony.  He’s headed tomorrow to Ostend, Belgium for an international clarinet association meeting, and then a conference to follow with classes.  He’s a finalist in an international excerpt competition, so he’s been practicing a lot since he came home in May.  Pray for safe travels, calm and a good performance, and a wonderful experience.

Karen, VA - July 4, 2018

Please pray for Janet S. who will had emergency kidney operation.

Marita, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for Evan H  for the control of recurrence of old issues and for his family to be able to cope.

Nora, PA - July 4, 2018

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Iris.

Marita, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Faustina Marie of the Good Shepherd, OP, of the Dominican Nuns of The Perpetual Rosary in Lancaster, PA

Thomas, PA - July 4, 2018

Baby Rose.  In thanksgiving that she is off oxygen and weighs 7 lbs.  She was scheduled for discharge but a complication delayed discharge.  Thank you for continued prayer support.


Bernadette, NJ - July 4, 2018

Frank K. father of a young family  (expecting their 4th).  He is sitting for bar exam.  Please pray he passes.

Bernadette, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Pvt. Patrick A. Vega, USMC, 21 yrs., who had  heart attack during recruit training, San Diego.

Bob , NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for Doris (a parishioner recently widowed). Now her daughter has been diagnosed with MS. May Doris be comforted knowing her daughter has found the proper medical care for her illness.

Donna, VA - July 4, 2018

Please pray for the repose of Gary Hird who died this morning. Also for the soul of Jack Schultz whose sister Sudie passed away last week.

Marita, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for James Maryanski, my son-in-law and his family. Jim had an apparent heart attack while driving & crashed. He is under a medically induced coma.

Bob , NJ - July 4, 2018

Holy Father Dominic, please send a Religious Assistant to our chapter.

Patricia, NJ - July 4, 2018

Please pray for our upcoming DLIPC meeting next week in Montreal:  safe journeys for all, good discussions & deliberations.

, - July 4, 2018

Please pray for our dear sister Kathy Olohan who is gravely ill on hospice care and for our sister Becky’s mother who just passed away.

Louise, Massachusetts - July 4, 2018

Would you please pray for God to lead me to the right career, for emotional, physical and spiritual healing and a special intention through the intercession of PG Frassati? Thank you! Also, I am not a third order Dominican so if I am not able to submit prayer request, please discard.

Bernadette, California - July 4, 2018

Please pray for my sister in law Linda , who is in stage 4 cancer, has been having terrible response to treatment, please pray she returns to the church and for a healing , peace in Gods will . Her husband Lee who is going through terrible disc issues in his back, for his healing and strength and return to church.
Thank you for prayers

Georgia, Kentucky - June 4, 2018

Please pray for my sister Julia (95). Yesterday’s colonoscopy failed to reflect bleeding and the cause of very low blood count is still undetermined. She had a transfusion.

My niece Debbie (54) is being tested for chest pain.

My sister Rosie (77) has complications with knee surgery.

Jean, New Jersey - June 4, 2018

Please pray for the grace of final perseverance for my husband Martin Sosso, who’s is nearing the end of his earthly pilgrimage.
God bless you

Christina, Kentucky - March 18, 2018

That Walt may recover from his tick borne illnesses and regain his health, strength and eyesight.

Walt, Connecticut - February 6, 2018

Fr. Forcier, Todd, Beth, Dan along with group of six going to the Holy Land this coming Tuesday and returning January 18th. Please pray that they will have a safe journey. Thank you.

Karin, Rhode Island - February 6, 2018

Holy Father Dominic please send a religious assistant to our chapter.

Patricia, New York - February 6, 2018

Prayers in Thanksgiving for bringing my husband back home to me from an A-fib episode on Christmas morning.

Faith, Massachusetts - February 6, 2018

Mrs. Winifred Maskarinetz, O.P. – currently in hospice care – Please pray for peace for her.

Mrs. Alexandra Ann, Pennsylvania - February 5, 2018

Prayers and blessings as we enter the Christmas season and prayers for our newly elected Chapter Council.

Kathleen, New York - December 20, 2017

Prayers of thanksgiving for our new Bishop.

Marianne, Vermont - December 8, 2017

For good results of Paul’s biopsy test on 12/22.

Cosette, Connecticut - December 8, 2017

Prayers for successful medical testings

Marianne, Vermont - December 8, 2017

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