Saints and Blesseds

Think you know the Lay Dominicans? Let us give you a very brief introduction (or perhaps a refresher) to a very small selection of our most beloved saints and blesseds:

Bl. Margaret of Castello (1287-1320)– Born blind with spinal deformities and dwarfism, adopted, experienced vivid visions especially during recitation of the Rosary, miracle-worker, joyful witness to the love of Christ

St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)– Patroness of Lay Dominicans, mystic visionary, influencer during the Avignon papacy, secret stigmatist, Doctor of the Church

St. Martin de Porres (1579-1639)– Mixed-race heritage from Peru, miracle-worker, friend to animals, pious and austere

St. Rose of Lima (1586- 1617)– First canonized Saint of the New World, mystic, austere (and sometimes severe) penitent, intercessor for the missions

St. Louis de Montfort (1673-1716)– Author of “True Devotion to Mary,” promoter of devotion to the Rosary, founder of The Missionaries of the Company of Mary and the Daughters of Wisdom  

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925)– The Man of Eight Beatitudes, athlete, member of St. Vincent de Paul and Catholic Action labor movement, died through acute polio contracted by charitable visits with the poor

Featured Member Profile

So what does the life of a Lay Dominican look like today? Meet a current member of the Province of St. Joseph!

Name: Walter
Fraternity Number: #101

Stage of Formation: Life Professed

State of Life: Married

Profession: Small Business Owner

Religious Name: Michael


Why did you choose your religious name?: Because we have a duty to fight evil

Do you have a favorite Dominican Saint?: St. Peter of Verona, because he gave his life for the Faith. 

What is the hardest part about being a Lay Dominican? Being a member of a community; there’s no isolation. 

What is the most joyful or rewarding part about being a Lay Dominican? Being a member of a community; there’s no isolation!

Tell us about your personal apostolate. Specifically, how is preaching involved? Every interaction with the general public is an opportunity to instruct.