Novena to St. Joseph


O glorious St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, Faithful Guardian and Good Provider of the Holy Family, to you do we have recourse in our time of need. As you loved and protected Mary and Jesus, we implore you to extend to us, your sons and daughters, your paternal care as we hasten to you, our patron, who has not left our petitions unheeded.

When the angel of the Lord spoke to you in a dream you obeyed His word promptly and without question. May you secure for us the graces we need to quiet our hearts in times of anxiety so that we may hear His Word and, following your example, may we respond to Him with courage, confidence, and humility.

O holy patron of our Province, St. Joseph, intercede for us that we may receive the graces of the Dominican charism with open hearts that always rejoice in God the Father from whom all good gifts come. May we rejoice in your patronage, and that of your Blessed Spouse, Mary Most Holy. Through your help may we be confident in divine Providence, diligent in work, and attentive to those entrusted to into our care. Healed and elevated by His grace, may your prayers give success to the work of our hands. St. Joseph, Patron of our Province, pray for us! Amen.