Table of Contents

I. Then and Now

1. History of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic Ms. Patricia O’ Connor, O.P.
2. Rule of the Fraternities of St. Dominic William Lynch, M.D., O.P.
Rosemarie Nathan, M.Ed., O.P.

II. Pillars of the Lay Dominican

A. Prayer
1. Prayer Knights of Columbus – CIS
2. Dominican Devotion to Our Lady’s Rosary Mr. Joe Lake, O.P.
3. Liturgy of the Hours and Psalms Mr. Gerald McLaughlin, O.P.
Fr. Michael Trainor, O.P.
4. People of the Word – Lectio Divina Mr. Roman Gorski, O.P.
B. Study
1. Dominican Study Mrs. Wendy Pavlat, O.P.
Mr. Eric Pavlat, O.P.
C. Community
1. Part A Mrs. Marge Evans, O.P.
Mrs. Virginia Wacker, O.P.
2. Part B Mrs. Margaret Brecount, O.P.
D. Apostolate
1. Preaching and the Apostolate Mrs. Donna Kerrigan, O.P.

III. The Sacrament Life

1. Introduction to the Sacraments Knights of Columbus – CIS
2. Baptism and Confirmation Knights of Columbus – CIS
3. Forgiveness of Sins Knights of Columbus – CIS
4. The Eucharist Knights of Columbus – CIS